Wood Stoves

There is nothing quite like the heat from a wood burning stove. Wood has been and always will be, a natural renewable fuel source. It is also the least expensive fuel source although there is more sweat equity involved in the process. There are several different types of wood stoves to choose from but all wood stoves sold today must meet the EPA standards for clean burning. Every piece of wood put into the stove must be burned twice in order to minimize the emissions and pollution it puts into the environment. This can be accomplished either with a catalytic wood stove or a non catalytic wood stove. A catalytic stove has a combustor located inside the stove that re-burns the smoke and the gas. They have a limited life expectancy and must be replaced in order to maintain the efficiency of the stove. A Non Catalytic stove uses air baffles usually located at the top of the stove to re-burn the smoke and gas. These are typically easier to use and less maintenance but slightly less efficient than a catalytic wood stove. Some of the new hybrid stoves include both the catalytic and non catalytic technology.

Wood stoves can be made from Cast Iron, Steel or even Soap Stone. Each comes with it's own unique qualities. Cast iron stoves have an even radiant heat as well as good heat retention. There are several finishes available from matte black to high gloss enamels as well as front, side, or top loading models. Steel stoves heat up rather quickly and also cool quicker as well. They are often very simple, easy stoves to use and many models are available with fans for optimal heat circulation. Soap Stone stoves are beautiful and produce a very gentle passive heat. They require a longer time to heat up but once the stone is warm it retains it's heat for a long period of time after the fire is out.

Wood Stoves can be vented into a masonry flue, a metal insulated chimney and even into a fireplace.

  • no electricity required
  • clean burning
  • uses renewable fuel
  • many styles available

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