Aluminum is a great choice when it comes to patio furniture because it is extremely durable, lightweight, and will not rust. Aluminum is also long lasting and very low maintenance. Most aluminum patio furniture can be safely covered and stored outside in the winter. There are two types of aluminum furniture, extruded aluminum and cast aluminum. It is powder coated for a durable finish and available is an array of color choices.

Extruded aluminum is typically hollow on the inside. Extruded aluminum can be used for many different types of patio furniture and is most commonly used for sling dining chairs and tables but is also available is many other patio furniture products. In certain cases it is combined with cast aluminum parts such as arm rests which allow for more elaborate detail than extruded aluminum can offer.

Cast aluminum is a solid structure made by pouring melted aluminum into molds. By using this method cast aluminum can have intricate styling and elegant detail typically not seen in other types of aluminum. Some of the newer cast aluminum collections feature sleeker more contemporary lines while still maintaining the durability of a solid structure. Cushions are often used on cast aluminum furniture to enhance the comfort and beauty of the furniture.

  • durable
  • lightweight
  • elegant detail
  • will not rust
  • low maintenance

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