Gas Inserts

Most people enjoy the cozy feeling of an open wood burning fireplace. They are however, inefficient by design. In fact, once the draft is established the can pull the existing warm air in your home up the flue and out with the smoke from the burning wood. Gas inserts are a great way to turn your inefficient fireplace into a heat source without losing the charm and warmth of seeing the flames burning. They come in many sizes so bringing in some basic fireplace dimensions is always helpful and a good place to start. They are vented up through your fireplace flue using two aluminum liners. One brings in fresh air for combustion and the other lets out the exhaust which makes them a completely sealed combustion unit. These liners terminate into a cap at the top of the flue. Today's gas inserts use IPI technology or direct spark ignition which requires some electricity to start the unit but defers to a battery back up in case of a power outage. If there is no outlet present then an electrical box can be installed inside the fireplace itself.

There are many choices when it comes to face and fireback options. You can also choose between the traditional look of a log fireplace or something more contemporary such as driftwood or stones and glass.

  • turns fireplace into efficient source of heat
  • works in a power outage
  • maintains the look of a fireplace
  • heater rated
  • easy to operate remote control

Brands of inserts we carry:

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