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On a chilly winter's evening there is no better place than to be sitting in front of a cozy fire sipping hot chocolate. Fireplaces make our living rooms feel warm and inviting and create a space the whole family will love. Why not enhance your hearth with high quality screens and accessories? They will make using your fireplace easier and safer.

If you are new to owning or operating a wood burning fireplace, use the following as a checklist of items you will need to get started burning.

Fireplace Screens

These are important for safety as they prevent ash and embers from accidentally landing in the room. Fireplace screens come in many sizes, including custom sizes, so measure your fireplace opening before shopping for one. Screens come in a variety of styles that add aesthetic charm to any fireplace.


These are used on fireplace floors to hold the wood; grates allow air flow to circulate below the logs for a more efficient fire. Our grates are made of durable steel stock or cast iron and add another level of safety to keep the logs from rolling out.


Tools make managing your burning fire easier and safer. Tongs and pokers help move logs if needed; shovels and brooms are paramount for cleaning up any ashes. These can be purchased individually or in sets.

Log Holders

These are available for use both indoors near your fireplace and outdoors to hold your cord wood. They come in many shapes, styles and sizes and are easy to assemble.

Wood Carriers

If you store your cord wood outside it's important to have a nice sturdy carrier to transport the wood in and out and not leave a mess behind as you go. We carry the full line of Tuff Ducks weatherproof wood carriers and slings constructed of extra durable army duck nylon.

Ash Containers

Last but not least it's of the utmost importance to properly dispose of ashes. The safest and recommended way is to put them in a container made for specifically for ash disposal with a double bottom as well as a top cover. Careless disposal of ashes is the cause for many home fires during the burning season.

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