Now offering the very best outdoor cooking grills
and full kitchen systems

We're excited to bring Napoleon and NOVO premium grill and outdoor kitchen systems to our community. These fantastic grills offer more than just a cooking experience; they're about creating cherished memories with loved ones. With Napoleon and Novo Grills, you can savor the joy of outdoor cooking, knowing you have top-notch, durable equipment that will stand the test of time, making every barbecue and get-together truly special.

Napoleon Grills

Napoleon Grills

Experts in gas and infrared grilling

Whether you call it a Barbecue, BBQ, or Grill, one thing is for sure, Napoleon Grills stands apart from the crowd. Built to last with premium steel that boasts excellent corrosion resistance and construction.

NOVO Grills

NOVO grills and outdoor kitchens

NOVO crafts exceptional grills and entertaining equipment

NOVO is family-owned and located in the Berkshire Mountains of New England. We utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Southern California to craft our NOVO and HONE series grills. Drawing on decades of experience in the outdoor living industry we understand that details matter and at NOVO we take great pride in helping families craft their own New American Backyard.

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