Wood Inserts

Wood burning inserts are a great way to turn your inefficient wood burning masonry fireplace into an efficient heat source while maintaining the traditional look of a fireplace. Basically these are wood stoves tucked inside the firebox. Because they lack the surface area to emit heat waves like a wood stove they often rely on blowers to move the heat around and away from the unit. They can be run without electricity in case of a power outage even without the blower. There are many different sizes available depending on the fireplace size and the amount of area that needs to be heated. Code requires a stainless steel liner to be run up the full length of the flue when installing any wood burning product into a masonry fireplace. The same would hold true for a stove as well as an insert. Today's inserts have a nice glass window for viewing the fire so you do not lose out on the ambiance of your fireplace.

  • makes fireplace efficient
  • maintains traditional fireplace look
  • works in a power outage
  • clean burning
  • many styles and sizes available

The Brands we carry:

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